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  • The Mormon Landscape in Southern Alberta

    The Mormon Landscape in Southern Alberta

    One of the core books on Mormon settlement is The Mormon Landscape by Richard Francaviglia. It examines the distinctive patterns used by Mormons in settling the Western United States. In his research, he examined hundreds of settlements across the intermountain west looking for features that were common to places settled by Latter-day Saints and he […]

  • Picturesque Cardston and Environments

    Picturesque Cardston and Environments

    Over the years I have collected a stack of books and a folder of PDFs about the history of the Mormon communities of Southern Alberta. Some I’ve read, others I refer to and the rest are on my “to read” list. As I was looking through some files that I recently received, I came across this […]

  • The History of Mormon Settlements in Canada

    The History of Mormon Settlements in Canada

    I grew up in Stirling, Alberta, Canada. It is one of many communities in a region now known as Canada’s Mormon Trail. The area was settled in the late 19th and early 20th century by Mormon immigrants coming from the Western United States. It wasn’t until I lived outside of the “Trail” that I started […]

  • Cardston

    Cardston was founded in 1887 when Charles Ora Card led a group of settlers from Utah to settle near Lee Creek. 1 1. Though commonly known as Lee’s Creek, its proper name is Lee Creek. Generally possessives are discouraged in place names.

  • Mormon Migration and Settlement after 1875

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